Become an Extraordinary Business

Learn how to succeed as a company that can do more than just make money

As a business leader, does it feel like something is missing?

Like the team is disengaged in the vision and just showing up for a paycheck?

Like you want to operate in alignment with a higher purpose but lack direction or resources?

Like you want your business to leave a legacy and make the world better, but don't know how?

We have the team, the knowledge base, and the programs to help you transform your business into an extraordinary organization. 



The Future of Business: Stakeholder Capitalism

In 2019, the Business Roundtable released a new Statement of the Purpose of a Corporation declaring that the future of business needs to center on a stakeholder-centric approach

In short, this means that businesses should exist for the benefit of all  stakeholders, including employees, communities, shareholders, vendors, customers, the environment, and more. 

While committing to stakeholder capitalism is one thing, implementing such transformation is another thing entirely — it takes internal capacity, systems evolution, and new ways of thinking about leadership and innovation. 

Fortunately, that’s where we come in. 

The Institute for Corporate Transformation has the latest research and curriculum tested inside multiple companies on how to effectively transition your practices so that your company can grow with a stakeholder-centric model. 

Current Institute for Corporate Transformation Programs

The Changemaker Academy

Are you ambitious enough to lead your company to meet the big social and environmental challenges or our time?  Do you want to learn the secrets of effective changemakers make things happen?

No matter what your title may be, the Changemaker Academy will equip you to find innovative strategies to build stakeholder buy-in and win executive support.  And then it will connect you with others like you who are leading change from all over the world.




Intrapreneur Accelerator

Are you searching for answers on how to become a more effective changemaker within your organization? Do you want to take your skills and knowledge to the next level so that you're able to contribute to the team more fully? 

The Intrapreneneur Accelerator will guide you on the next stage of your journey and connect you to everything you need to make your mark and become an in-demand leader for the future of business.


Stakeholder Audit

Are you interested in becoming an extraordinary business but lack direction on how to get started while continuing with day-to-day operations? 

Our customized Stakeholder Audit provides a comprehensive roadmap, so you know where to start, what to do next, and how to grow as a company committed to stakeholder capitalism by doing more than just making money.


~ Fred Keller, Cascade Engineering, Founder and Chair

"Do this curriculum! It’s really expansive. It’s not the kind of thing you will find in a standard MBA class. I think that it should be. But it’s not. This is going to take you to new levels of thinking."

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