Are you a CEO who embodies a higher purpose and is passionate about activating your ecosystem to increase social impact? 


What if we told you that there is a system to operationalize and implement inside of your company that enrolls and amplifies team members and supply chain partners allowing all of you to play at the next level and grow a courageous organization? Would you be interested? 


It exists - and it is called the Changemakers Growth Formula! Through a 4-phase process, the exact tools and resources you need to achieve these results for your company are delivered… all while remaining at the helm of daily leadership.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect:



> Define the specific worthy problem your company is solving in the world 

> Identify what unique capacities the organization possesses to serve your mission


> Co-create personal development plans for each team member based on their desires, goals, and contributions

> Implement new processes to empower team members to contribute in service to your shared mission


> Receive assessment and customized benchmarking report on your company’s performance in the following areas

  • Commitment to a purpose beyond profit that meets core needs of humanity

  • Regenerative impact of business processes on ecosystem

  • Ability of business practices to dismantle systems of discrimination

  • Level of economic security throughout the value chain

  • Growth potential in workplace culture

  • Transformative level of stakeholder engagement 


> Build a step-by-step plan to amplify your mission earning new customers, business partners, and name recognition

> Create a prioritized list of mutual strategies to pursue throughout your value chain

During this year long immersion you will feel excitement and inspiration as you see your team members playing bigger and contributing to making real lasting change in the world through your company. 


You will feel confident that you have taken the next step as a Changemaker CEO towards building a company that is known for making a difference in the world. Your renewed sense of clarity about the next steps of growth available to you and your team will result in more meaningful relationships, new innovations in product offerings, and increased market share. 


The Changemaker Growth Formula will show you how Mission + Culture x Ecosystem = Mutual Prosperity. You will build a clear and concise plan to execute alongside a trusted and intimate community of fellow Changemaker CEOs committed to implementing systems, building infrastructure, and taking their company to the next level of growth.

I’m Amanda Kathryn Roman, and for the last two decades I have helped Changemaker CEOs and their teams to build courageous organizations that stand the test of time. I’m partnering with my colleague, Malorie Nicole, on a special, limited-time offer for 6-8 CEOs. Malorie is an expertin coaching executives in how to level-up their mindsets to fully embrace their big visions and activate them in real time. 


Malorie and I are accepting 6-8 CEOs into a special limited-time offer experience with the Changemakers Growth Formula called the Changemakers Collective, a one year immersion program that will begin on April 1, 2021 and provide you with the system and structures you need to take your company to the next level growth as a courageous changemaking organization increasing company-wide opportunities for personal growth, social impact, and mutual prosperity. 


Those who are accepted into the Changemakers Collective will gain:

Access to the Changemakers Growth Formula, a cutting edge online program of 

self-directed study and masterminding with fellow Changemaker CEOs that will teach you how to build the virtuous growth cycle for your organization including: 

  • Virtuous Growth Cycle system 

  • Benchmarking Report on Company Performance 

  • Changemakers Periodic Table: Potent Elements of a Courageous Organization 

  • Customized Growth Formula and Action Plan for your Company 

Enrollment in a Changemakers Growth Circle with like-minded CEOs for private monthly forums to: 

  • Mastermind challenges

  • Identify potential solutions

  • Commit to action steps for accountability

Access to 6 private Executive Coaching Sessions to support you on your journey focused on:

  • Stepping even deeper into your zone of genius and gifts as you lead the company

  • Deep-diving into subconscious programming to assure your thought patterns are assisting you in creating opportunity and acceleration

  • Shifting from the sole responsible decision maker of the company to developing team members and coaching them to lead the collective mission forward 


Enrollment Fee

$11,480 if paid in full upon enrollment, or 4 quarterly instalment payments of $3,000 

Now Accepting Applications

Changemakers Collective Application

Changemakers Growth Formula program

PLUS 12 Changemakers Growth Circle masterminds 

PLUS 6 Private Executive Coaching Sessions

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