“What needs to happen for Stakeholder Capitalism to become the default mode of business on Earth?”

The Institute for Corporate Transformation works with a diverse ecosystem of whole-system architects, stakeholder entrepreneurs and other visionary professionals from a wide variety of disciplines to co-create the tools, processes and systems that we need to accelerate the adoption of stakeholder capitalism management practices.

Many HR leaders strive to create a great place to work, and too often, inhumane, overly legalistic policies codified in employee handbooks subtlety or overtly hold them back.  Radically Rebuild your Handbook is a leading-edge, year-long workshop to help HR leaders root out inhumane handbook policies and supercharge efforts to build a world-class workplace.

The Stakeholder Score is a free, open source, comprehensive tool with an integrated approach to helping business leaders understand hard-to-measure but critically important stakeholder relationships that predict whether a company will win or wither over time.

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