“What needs to happen for Stakeholder Capitalism to become the default mode of business on Earth?”

The Institute for Corporate Transformation works with a diverse ecosystem of whole-system architects, stakeholder entrepreneurs and other visionary professionals from a wide variety of disciplines to co-create the tools, processes and systems that we need to accelerate the adoption of stakeholder capitalism management practices.


The Intrapreneur Accelerator is a on-demand, self-paced professional development program that will train you to effectively transition your company to Stakeholder Capitalism.

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Are you a CEO who embodies a higher purpose and is passionate about activating your ecosystem to increase social impact? What if we told you that there is a system to operationalize and implement inside of your company that enrolls and amplifies team members and supply chain partners allowing all of you to play at the next level and grow a courageous organization? Would you be interested? It exists - and it is called the Changemakers Growth Formula! Through a 4-phase process, the exact tools and resources you need to achieve these results for your company are delivered… all while remaining at the helm of daily leadership. 


Many HR leaders strive to create a great place to work, and too often, inhumane, overly legalistic policies codified in employee handbooks subtlety or overtly hold them back.  Radically Rebuild your Handbook is a leading-edge, 10-month workshop to help HR leaders root out inhumane handbook policies and supercharge efforts to build a world-class workplace.

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The Stakeholder Score is a free, open source, comprehensive tool with an integrated approach to helping business leaders understand hard-to-measure but critically important stakeholder relationships that predict whether a company will win or wither over time.