Intrapreneur Accelerator

An on-demand, self-paced certification  program that will train you to be an effective change agent for stakeholder management. 

Many people feel called to try to build a world that works for everyone, but  struggle to make real impact within their organization. 

The Intrapreneur Accelerator is a proven process that will train you to be highly effective and drive real and lasting change within any organization and beyond.

  • Proven approaches for organizational change taught at Harvard and Oxford
  • Step-by-step processes to guide your work
  • A lasting community of people engaged in similar work
  • The ability to bring your ideas to life in any company (and be appreciated for doing so).

“This programming is motivating and encouraging and inspiring. I know I’m not alone that there are other people on the same boat, just in a different place.”

~ Becki Vander Lugt, Cascade Engineering



Interested in the Intrapreneur Accelerator? 

Reach out to the ICT team to set up an initial call.