Intrapreneur Accelerator

An on-demand, self-paced certification program that will train you to be an effective change agent for Stakeholder Capitalism 

Many people feel called to try to build a world that works for everyone, but struggle to make real impact within their organization. 

The Intrapreneur Accelerator is a proven process that will train you to be highly effective and drive real and lasting change within any organization and beyond.

  • Proven approaches for organizational change taught at Harvard and Oxford
  • Step-by-step processes to guide your work
  • A mission-aligned community of people engaged in similar work
  • The ability to bring your ideas to life in any company (and be appreciated for doing so).

This program is amazing for companies who seek to be more purpose-driven. Even for our company, which has already begun this process, this program is invaluable.”

~Kristie Grindey, Biggby Coffee


​​The Intrapreneur Accelerator is the flagship program from the Institute for Corporate Transformation. It has been developed and refined by some of the leading organizational change experts and practitioners in the world to achieve the following five goals:


To provide the space and a container for intrapreneurs to reflect on the higher purpose of their working life and to set personal goals for bringing that higher purpose to work with them, transforming, focusing, or expanding their current role as necessary to achieve it. The work of the program is all within this context. Past participants have reported that the program creates the experience of much-increased meaning and fulfillment.


To train intrapreneurs in a specific methodology to be effective in leading positive change inside of their companies. The methodology was created by Leith Sharpe who teaches it all over the world, including for Harvard University. See a taste of Leith’s training in the video to the left.


To introduce intrapreneurs to a simple yet comprehensive scorecard for the performance of a business in society. The scorecard has been refined by and is being used as the definition for success of a global coalition of changemakers who are working to leverage the power of business to create a world that works for everyone.


To use that scorecard to facilitate a 360-degree assessment of a participant’s company by that company’s own stakeholders to identify strengths and opportunities to become a stronger company. The assessment tool is called the Stakeholder Score and is included at no additional charge.


To run a real-life six-month pilot project to drive change in the intrapreneur’s company in an area of their choosing that aligns with the higher purpose of their career.



The course is delivered through an interactive mix of readings, podcasts, videos, and reflection exercises, as well as sharing and collaborating with other intrapreneurs from around the country in a private LinkedIn group.

Those who successfully complete the program are awarded the prestigious Certificate In Intrapreneurship from the Institute for Corporate Transformation.


Interested in the Intrapreneur Accelerator?

If you’d like to enroll in the Intrapreneur Accelerator, please send an email to Amanda Conley Ayers who leads our research and program development for the Institute at [email protected]

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