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Do you know what it will take for your company to transform?  You.


The Intrapreneur Accelerator is an on-demand program designed to equip you to lead the transformation in your company, and get you started with a real pilot project that you will design and execute in your company before the program ends.  It doesn’t matter if you were hired last week or if you are the CEO, the process of change is challenging for everyone, but in this course you will learn from the people who are actually doing it through case studies and live, real time conversations, and you’ll build an incredible community of people like you who are ready to take their shot.

  • Become an expert in implementing stakeholder capitalism management practices. Intrapreneurs not only gain a command of the essential organizational competencies of stakeholder capitalism, but they also become savvy designers and implementers of internal change and innovation efforts.

  • Facilitate a robust self-assessment of your company’s current performance. The program includes a cutting-edge organizational 360 review process that delivers rare and profound insights to release increased company performance.  Each Intrapreneur will facilitate this process inside their company.

  • Create and run a real-life pilot project to make your company better. To complete the program Intrapreneurs have to do this work for real inside their company.  The process includes building the alignment required to succeed, specifying key measures for success, and writing up formal results to facilitate learning for all involved.

  • Enter into a community of passionate fellow intrapreneurs. Each Intrapreneur is responsible for their own work in this program, but they are not alone.  What they learn from each other and from roundtable sessions with seasoned peers will provide needed support and resilience.

  • Know the purpose of your working life, and achieve it. The context of this program is the work an intrapreneur does inside their company, but the content goes far-deeper, asking each person to align their career with their core values.  When this is done, intrapreneurs become incredibly effective leaders at every level of a company.

The Intrapreneur Accelerator launches on November 15. Intrigued? Then drop your email below  and we'll keep you in the loop.

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