In October of 2016, frustrated by what he saw as a lack of strategy in the movement to make business as a force for good, Nathan Havey penned an article proposing how to change the paradigm of business.  In the same month, Amanda Kathryn Roman, motivated by similar frustrations outlined a strikingly similar idea for a strikingly similar purpose.  For the next three years Nathan and Amanda continued to make their contributions to the movement and meet many of its innovative pioneers and leading practitioners.  They finally had the opportunity to work together in 2019, and in 2020, discovered the compatibility of their skills and visions.


The Institute for Corporate Transformation seeks to expand the sphere of concern that is expected of business to intentionally maximize impacts in the six areas identified in the Stakeholder Score.  We believe that this transformation is the most important point of leverage in the modern world to create a world that works for everyone.


Business leaders should do this because it is consistent with their own ethics and values.  Research is now showing us that transformed companies are better than their profit-first (or only) competitors in many ways, including ironically, profit making.


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Amanda Conley Ayers


CTG Associates

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Nathan ​Havey

Co-Founder: Stories & Content

Institute for Corporate Transformation

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Michael Higgs

Co-Founder: Digital & Operations

Institute for Corporate Transformation

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Erin Meezan​

VP & Chief Sustainability Officer


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Michael McFall



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James Suh

Chief Information Officer

Bunker Labs

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Malorie Nicole

Communications & Coaching

Institute for Corporate Transformation

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Khalilah Olokunola

Executive Vice President for Human Resources

TRU Colors Brewing

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Amanda Kathryn Roman

Co-Founder: Stakeholders & Strategy

Institute for Corporate Transformation

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Magatte Wade

Founder, CEO

Skin Is Skin

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