Episode 5: Barry Wehmiller

Originally released on October 11, 2020, Episode 5 tells the story of Barry Wehmiller which, during the long tenure of CEO Bob Chapman, has grown into a $3 Billion global enterprise.  For the last couple of decades, Chapman and his team have been focused on creating a culture of trust and caring that aims to help people discover their gifts, develop their gifts, and be appreciated for doing so.

The 5th thing you should know about stakeholder capitalism is that corporate culture can be a tremendous positive force to foster human development and wellbeing.  And that when companies make that the goal of their workplace, major performance advantages accrue.  Barry Whemiller has employed this strategy to complete more than 110 acquisitions worldwide, nearly all of them profitable.

There is much more to the story in a book called Everybody Matters and a short documentary film by the same title.

Barry Wehmillers Corporate training programs can be found at Chapman and Co.

The Methodology used in the corporate training is available to non-profits, government offices, and other community focused organisations through Our Community Listens.

Bob Chapman has a lot of additional free resources at Truly Human Leadership.

If you like the tunes in the episode you can listen to more music by the artists we featured.


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