Episode 9: The State of the Movement

Originally released on November 8, 2020, Episode 9 departs from the format of the other episodes in the series to discuss the state of the movement for stakeholder capitalism, and the systems that will need to be addressed to accelerate progress.  Jay Jakub from Episode 1, Raj Sisodia from Episode 2 and Bob Chapman from Episode 5 return to share their perspectives.

Episode 9 is also a reveal of sorts in which Amanda and Nathan pull back the curtain on the structure of the podcast, revealing a comprehensive and ambitious definition for Stakeholder Capitalism.

The collaboration between many of the leading entities in this broad movement is called Imperative 21: https://www.imperative21.co/about-the-network/ and at the time of publishing, their members include:

More information on the Stakeholder Score can be found at www.stakeholderscore.com

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