Strategic Programs that Support the Growth of Stakeholder-Centric Businesses

We've worked with businesses worldwide to identify the main capacities needed to succeed as a stakeholder-centric organizations and built them into our core ICT programs.

Current ICT Programs 


The Changemaker Academy

An 8-week, paradigm shifting experience designed to give you the tools to deliver the expanded social and environmental performance demanded in today’s marketplace.




Intrapreneur Accelerator

Are you searching for answers on how to be a more effective change leader within your organization? Are you hoping to up-level your skills and knowledge base to become a more integral component of your team?

If you want to practice Stakeholder Capitalism and become a transformational leader, the Intrapreneur Accelerator is the perfect fit for you.



Stakeholder Audit

Are you curious about how to implement Stakeholder Capitalism or how your team could operate more effectively utilizing a stakeholder model?

We will personally work with your leadership team to provide a complete overview of how to help your team and your company grow through stakeholder management. 


What program participants have to say

Laura Eich, Biggby Coffee

"Even when you are part of an organization that believes in a higher purpose and allows that higher purpose to guide your strategy and decision making, it can still feel like you are just a cog in a wheel that is turning just to make somebody else money. Through this program, I am learning about not just lucking into positive impact, but really going through a training and equipping process for how I can use my talents, skills, and passions to improve the world around me, both at work and at home. The value is incalculable at this point, but I know that being part of this has been vital to both me and my company’s better future."

Adam Goodman, CEO, Goodman's Interior Structures

"This program really focuses on the goal of elevating everyone to rise to the level and evolve together instead of mandating things in a top-down way. Super helpful insight that has given me fresh eyes for the process!"

Why ICT?

We've got the team. We've got the experience. We've got the knowledge base. 

The Institute for Corporate Transformation is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable and respected stakeholder management practitioners in the space.

Collectively, we've taught thousands of business leaders worldwide and have founded nearly a dozen social enterprises between us in the last decade. 

We've now taken all of that experience, workshopped our curriculum with some of the foremost business leaders in the world, and created the programs that we believe are critically needed to move the business world forward.