Radically Rewrite Your Handbook

To rewire your organization's culture

Many HR leaders strive to create a great place to work, and too often, legalistic, fear-based policies in their employee handbook frustrate these efforts, forcing well-meaning HR professionals to play the villain.

There is a better approach to handbooks.

It starts when we recognize that employees are not liabilities to be limited.  They are possibilities to be cultivated.  A handbook built from that perspective can hold culture efforts up rather than holding them back.

Radically Rebuild your Handbook is a leading-edge, year-long workshop to help HR leaders root out inhumane policies and supercharge efforts to build a world-class workplace.

The process unfolds in 10 monthly modules where you will learn from subject-matter experts on virtual calls before taking an assignment back to your company to see how the ideas taught in the module can best fit your unique circumstances.  The program will be $12,500 USD per company when fully released in 2022.  But a pilot program beginning in March 2021 is currently enrolling at $7,500 USD per company.

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