Stakeholder Score Activator

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Are you a CEO who wants to develop a caring team culture and lead your business with a purpose-first mission while generating consistent growth within your company?


There are three challenges that we consistently hear from your fellow CEO’s. 


#1 They desire to help develop all of their people into confident, empowered leaders within their company. 


#2 They desire to create profit while implementing better systems that can propel their company to do more good in the world.


#3 They desire to be part of a community of other purpose-led, mission-focused leaders where they can openly discuss ongoing problems and co-create potential solutions. 



We have been coaching and training executives on how to address these challenges head-on for over two decades and along the way, developed an approach and methodology to follow for the most likely path to success. We want to offer you the opportunity to bring that structure to you and your team. 


It all starts with a one year commitment to rigorous professional development and training on how to drive change and increase performance throughout your company to become a leader in the Reinvention Renaissance that is taking place. 


Business is being reinvented by the minute as purpose becomes more of a priority, investors and consumers alike are demanding accountability, and leaders are innovating to rise to the challenges of a global pandemic and shifting markets. 


We understand that this can put more pressure on you as a CEO, but you don’t have to lie awake at night developing new solutions on your own. 

The Changemakers Growth Formula is a cutting edge online program of self-directed study and masterminding with fellow c-suite executives that will teach you how to build the virtuous growth cycle for your organization. You will learn the step-by-step formula to clarify your mission, activate your culture, re-align your ecosystem, and elevate your community while you action what you are learning to increase your social impact and grow a courageous organization for our shared future.

This is not a typical online course offering, and we understand your days are busy. This is why we have worked with numerous executives to design a workflow and practice that will meet you where you are at, and support your goals of increasing performance and growing a thriving team. 

We also know change needs to be facilitated at multiple levels and that you can’t do it all - no matter how mighty you feel and how passionate your heart is! This is why we are now offering a package deal for members of your team to join the Intrapreneur Accelerator program so that you can create organizational transformation for highly effective and real lasting results in your organization and beyond - together.


The Intrapreneur Accelerator program focuses on increasing your team’s capacity to grow a caring culture through collaborative relationships with a commitment to dismantling discrimination. They will learn proven techniques to achieve financial prosperity throughout your company ecosystem and how to set goals to strive for ecological regeneration rooted in a purpose to drive profit and build a world that works for everyone. 

The Intrapreneur Accelerator is a proven, guided process to help you make a real and lasting contribution to make your company better.


  • Learn proven approaches taught at Harvard and Oxford

  • Follow a step by step process to guide your work

  • Build a lasting community of people engaged in similar work

  • Bring your ideas to life in your company (and be appreciated for doing so).

  • Learn a rigorous and savvy approach to creating real impact though embracing the complexity of our modern world.

  • Become an expert in leading the transition to Stakeholder Capitalism.

  • Improve the lives of all of the people your company touches.

  • Be part of the solution to the most pressing problems we face.

Through the Stakeholder Score Activator, you’ll be learning the methodology and step-by-step process to build the infrastructure to strategically align your company and achieve your mission. Simultaneously, your team will be learning the tools, systems, and processes that need to be activated at various levels while you all drive company-wide transformation together. 


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Fred Keller

Cascade Engineering

Founder and Chair

Do this curriculum!


It’s really expansive. It’s not the kind of thing you will find in a standard MBA class. I think that it should be. But it’s not.


This is going to take you to new levels of thinking.

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Laura Eich


BOOST Sphere Director

Business has the power to do good in the world, but it doesn’t always feel like that. Even when you are part of an organization that believes in a higher purpose and allows that higher purpose to guide your strategy and decision making, it can still feel like you are just a cog in a wheel that is turning just to make somebody else money. Except, when you are part of a process of discovery, learning, and personal challenge that opens your eyes to HOW you can make change happen, for good. That is what the Intrapreneur Accelerator has been doing for me. I am learning about not just lucking into positive impact, but really going through a training and equipping process for how I can use my talents, skills, and passions to improve the world around me, both at work and at home. The value is incalculable at this point, but I know that being part of the Intrapreneur Accelerator is vital to both me and my company’s better future.

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Adam Goodman

Goodman Interior Structures


Josie just gave a presentation on sustainability to the whole company. She killed it!


Her comments after:

That was one of my best presentations! I really wanted to do the ideas justice. The Intrapreneur Accelerator program really focuses on the goal of elevating everyone to rise to the level and evolve together instead of mandating things in a top-down way. Super helpful insight that has given me fresh eyes for the process!