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The world needs you to lead, now. 

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The Changemaker Academy begins as an 8-week, paradigm shifting experience designed to give you the tools to deliver the expanded social and environmental performance demanded in today’s marketplace.


Changemakers can come from anywhere in an organization.  All you need is a desire to help your organization be socially and environmentally sustainable.


Complete the 8-week course successfully and you’ll be invited to join a 6-month practicum at no additional cost, to practice your newfound skills as you lead a real-life change initiative of your choosing in your company, surrounded by other changemakers who are doing it too.


The Changemaker Academy is a collaboration between the Institute for Corporate Transformation, Harvard University's Director, Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership, Leith Sharp, and Changemakers in communities across America and around the world working to build a world that works for everyone.


Course Outline

Weeks 1 & 2: You are Here

The course begins by helping set the context for the present moment in business.  Experience a brief summary of the economic and philosophical history of business and reflective exercises for how participants formed their own worldview and what the purpose of their career might be. Changemakers must be grounded in these ideas to be effective.

Week 3: The Stakeholder Score

From there, the course helps participants make a simple synthesis of the various competing frameworks for ESG, CSR, Conscious Capitalism, B Corps, Shared Value, and many more. This clarity helps to focus effort and increase impact.

Weeks 4-8: The Art of Intrapreneurship

Participants will spend the remainder of the course studying a groundbreaking framework for culture leadership.  Participants will learn how to create company initiatives, adapt ideas to advance company priorities, win executive sponsorship, and see ideas implemented smoothly, all with or without any formal title or authority.



The Changemaker Academy 8-week course is led by changemakers from your community who compliment the course content with a focus on an issue of particular concern to their community.


The 8-week course content includes articles, podcasts and video delivered on a self-paced online platform.  Weekly milestones will help you to keep on track with your course leader.

You’ll participate in a live (or online) meeting with other participants from your community every-other week to deepen your learning through discussion and application cases with your colleagues and course leader. Dates and times for these meetings are set by the course leaders.

Upon completing the 8-week course successfully, you’ll be invited to join a 6-month practicum beginning in January or July (your choice). The practicum is led by the Institute for Corporate Transformation and in it, you'll meet and connect with changemakers working on projects from all over the U.S. and the world.


  • Engage in meaningful thought partnership through access to a network of colleagues from around the world working on shared problems and opportunities.
  • Evaluate your organization’s performance on six key areas of ESG performance

  • Identify low-hanging fruit opportunities to advance your organization’s ESG efforts

  • Unleash your potential through a powerful new framework for increasing your impact as a culture leader

  • Advance your ability to make the business case to make ESG the center of your organization’s strategy



  • Leverage positive social dynamics and social learning to help create a culture for rapid organizational learning.

  • Increase decision-making agility to allow good ideas to be scaled up quickly

  • Reduce risk and instability through effective change leadership.

  • Design pathways for good ideas to come from anywhere and to take root

Meet the Curriculum Design Team

Erin Meezan


Leith Sharp

Harvard University

Francisca Larrain


Laura Hall

San Diego

Tara Jenkins

Portland, ME

Danielle Mairs


Patty Tucker


Kent Gregoire


Michelle Lemming


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